Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Dancing for Birth: Mila Angela's dancing video

It was more than a pleasure to film Mila Angela's Dancing for Birth Showreel. She came to me with an idea. I want to film the ladies in my classes dancing so that people know what this is all about and how wonderful it is for expectant mothers. I took a long time educating myself on just what she does and what this whole Dancing for Birth movement is about.
Dancing for Birth is at its core a dance class that will help the labor process.  As Mila says "In native cultures dancing is and always has been part of every day life,... when belly dancing was created it was by women and performed only for women for the purpose of teaching each other how to give birth,....Every move had a purpose in labor to help cope and direct baby most efficiently through the birth canal"   WOW!! What a complete opposite view of how to go through labor! In America women give birth laying down which does nothing to help with the baby going through the birth canal. As Anne Croudice a certified doula instructor states, "A Cochran review in 2013 says that it can shorten labor by an hour and twenty minutes!" Plus there are those endorphins that kick in when you are dancing that can help with pain management. There are just so many advantages. I know that when I get pregnant I will definitely attend a dancing for birth course. Not to mention the fact that Mila the certified Dancing for Birth instructor is a dream and so kind and friendly. I could tell right away upon meeting the pregnant ladies in her class that they loved her and looked forward to going to her class. 

A little behind the scenes info: The video was filmed at Stieler Ranch in Fredericksburg Texas where I live. A beautiful backdrop to showcase a beautiful group of ladies.

More information about Mila's class can be found at
Dancing for Birth Website

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