Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Canon Dream Lens 17mm TILT SHIFT

Occasionally I order loaner lenses from Canon Professional Services (CPS) to try them out. This is the first time I've ordered a loaner lens that is my dream lens. I know that I will never ever purchase this lens. Its gorgeous yes, but I could never drop 3k on a lens that I would only use for very specialized purposes. In the future I'll rent it. Yes, that's what filmmakers and photographers do sometimes. It just doesn't make sense to own it. So, I spent a few days shooting as much footage and pictures with it as I could, before I reluctantly sent it back. This is the video I shot with the Canon 17mm Tilt Shift lens early the other day when I went to feed the horses.  I may rent it when I film my short film She Could Be Anywhere this fall.

Canon Tilt Shift Lens Test for Video from Stella Haus Films on Vimeo.

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