Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Stella Haus Films now has T-SHIRTS!!

Hi all!!
So I decided to make a t-shirt design I'd really want to wear for when I have shoots.
I employed my Father-in-Law Dow Patterson a cartoonist, and architecht to help me. I had a rough idea of the design. I wanted to be on a horse with my puppy Ruby, then I thought, wait a minute and one of my chickens too. Oh, and a film camera (even though I shoot on digital, a film camera comes across more as video than photography). So Dow and I sat down,  he had already sketched it out by hand.  I then proceeded to map it out in photoshop. Two hours later we had this amazing design that I love wearing!! Then a couple friends asked for one, then I decided to just set up a page to keep it manageable.  http://stellahaus.bigcartel.com

So here it is, my Stella Haus Films t-shirt purchase site of: "Woman on a horse with border collie and chicken". Available in mens, women, and children's sizes. I researched the type of shirt I wanted to print on and found Next Level to be the softest and with the highest reviews. I'm also able to order in a huge selection of colors one at a time so you get the color you really want to wear.
Here is Veronica an old friend wearing my shirt on the other side of the country. 

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