Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Quite Possibly the best wedding film I've ever made.

I know I think this every single time I finish a wedding. But this last wedding film at The Denman Estate which is part of University of the Incarnate Word was spectacular. I'm not talking about the sheer size and scope of the wedding. I'm talking about the content of the couples words for each other. It is the first time I've seen this amount of love and devotion shared so openly with the entire wedding party. Its also the first time I've seen such amazing toasts from friends and family. For that reason I chose the wedding speeches to be the main focus of the short film.  I hope I did their words justice. Thank you Rebecca for choosing Stella Haus Films to document this momentous day. I also want to thank +Soundstripe  and +Envato Studio for the incredible music selection. You make the music choices so much easier.

David and Rebecca | The Denman Estate | San Antonio, Texas from Stella Haus Films on Vimeo.

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